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The Latest Additions
They Stood the Watch, the story of Patrol Squadron Eleven (10 meg/PDF) (Updated 05/09/2009) by David Trojan
Technical Air Intelligence Wreck chasing in the Pacific during WWI (8 meg/PDF) (Updated 11/30/2008) by David Trojan
Examination of Japanese Aircraft Aileron Tip Kamikaze Attack 11 April 1945 USS Enterprise (Updated 3/08/2008) by Richard Lane
Examination of Japanese Aircraft Equipment (Updated 10/07/2007) by Richard Lane
The Oscars of Hollandia (Updated 10/07/2007) by Dave Pluth
Pearl Harbor Japanese Aircraft Crash Sites, Records & Artifacts [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] (Updated 07/08/2007) by Jim Lansdale
Kanbaku War Notes, A Narrative by IIZUKA, Tokuji Translated by Dr. Kawamoto, Minoru [Forward] [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] (Updated 01/30/07)  
"My Naval Aviation Experience" A record of Lecture given by Toshio Hijikata, 04/03/2005. Text by Naoaki Ooishi (PDF Format) (Updated 8/14/05) by Naoaki Ooishi
Japanese Air Order of Battle and Operations Against 'August Storm', August 1945 (Updated 5/09/05) by Joe Brennan
First Kamikaze? Attack on HMAS Australia -- October 21 st, 1944 (Updated 1/09/05) by Rick Dunn
248 th Hiko Sentai: A Japanese “Hard luck” Fighter Unit (Updated 11/09/04) by Rick Dunn
September 11th, 1942 – The Rest of the Story (Updated 11/09/04) by Rick Dunn
The Many Faces of Tony 5017 (11/08/2004) by Jim Long & Don Marsh
ZERO-SEN Model 21 Performance: Unraveling Conflicting Data (09/17/2004) by Richard L. Dunn
Error oft Repeated - The Anabuki Hoax (09/03/2004) by Richard L. Dunn
Japanese Aircraft In Royal Thai Air Force and Royal Thai Navy Service During WWII (07/20/04) by Jan Forsgren
Japanese Airships 1910-1945 (05/31/04) by Peter Starkings
Rob Graham's FS595b Deck in PDF Format (1.2 meg download) (10/10/03) by Rob Graham
Airfield at Tuluvu on New Britain (8/27/03) by Rick Dunn
Trumpeter Zero Profile Correction Notes (8/18/03) By Greg Springer
Debut in the Chinese Sky, Fighter “Kawasaki” Ki-10 (5/25/03) By George Mellinger
Soviet Order of Battle for the Khalkin Gol Incident (5/5/03) By George Mellinger
Colors of Khalkin Gol (5/5/03) By George Mellinger
Notes on the Nakajima C6N1 (12/11/02) by Ryan Toews
The Tail Wheel Well Cover on the A6M Zero (12/03/02) by Ryan Toews
Tamiya Type 52 Zero Corrections by Ryan Toews
Cruisers and Destroyers in General Action (11/16/02) by David Dickson
Chinese Aviation In The War With Japan, 1940-1945 (06/15/02) by George Mellinger
Masao Yoshihara’s Story: May 14th-25th,1943 (06/15/02) by Rick Dunn
Radio Systems in the Early A6M Zero (06/07/02) by Greg Springer
China Air War
Soviet Fighters in the Sky of China (03/17/01) by George Mellinger
Soviet Fighters in the Sky of China Part II (04/04/01) by George Mellinger
Soviet Fighters in the Sky of China Part III  (6/09/01) by George Mellinger
Soviet Fighters in the Sky of China Part IV  (6/19/01) by George Mellinger
Soviet Fighters in the Sky of China Part V  (7/23/01) by George Mellinger
Soviet Fighters in the Sky of China Part VI  (11/05/01) by George Mellinger
Aerial Actions over Kuriles (August 1945)   (04/28/01) by Gabriel Garrido
Sovet Air Forces "Autumn Storm" Air Order of Battle (01/27/2001) by George Mellinger
Soviet Naval Aerial Kills in August 1945(01/27/2001) by George Mellinger
Soviet Bombers in China (1937-1946)(06/07/02) by George Mellinger
Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor Japanese Aircraft Crash Sites, Records & Artifacts by Jim Lansdale (06/03/07)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8 ~ 10
by James F. Lansdale
Japanese Losses at Pearl Harbor, Part 1: The Hirano Zero from Akagi by James F. Lansdale
Kanbaku War Note (the story of a Pearl Harbor Val Pilot)
Part 3
Part 4
James F. Lansdale
Pearl Harbor Kate  (12/17/2000) by Greg Springer
Pearl Harbor Zero & Other Aircraft  Research  (01/15/02) by James F. Lansdale
Camouflage and Colors and Paint
Japanese Gray-Green  (12/9/99) by Rob Graham
Out of a Amerio Cloud into Hai-Ryokushoku Sky (2/18/00) by Yoshihito Kurosu
Weathering of Japanese Aircraft (4/11/00) by François P. Weill
Zero Research
A6M1 Research (04/07/02)  by Jim Long
Special Zero Research (02/25/2001) by Rob Graham
Origins of References For Japanese Aircraft Camouflage and Markings (05/07/2013) by James F. Lansdale
Zero Camouflage Schemes by James F. Lansdale
The First Operational Zeros by François P. Weill
Examination of Blayd Zero Artifacts by Ryan Toews
Zero War Prize (12/9/99) by James F. Lansdale
A6M2 and A6M3 Secondary Markings (1/6/2000) by Ryan Toews
Saburo SAKAI's Zeros: Color and Markings by James F. Lansdale
Zero Facts and Figures by James Broshot
Zero Fuselage Identification Stencils (01/30/2001) by Ryan Toews
A5M Claude Research
Russian A5M Claude (Russian Translated Article)(8/1/00) by George Mellinger
Russian A5M Claude Part II (Russian Translated Article) (8/19/00) by George Mellinger
A5M Claude Gold Color Debate Summary (4/11/00) by Rob Graham
Other Misc. Research
Unit Prefixes by Jim Lansdale
Ki-43 Oscar in Super Detail (8/25/00) by Ryan Toews
Nakajima Ki-43-I Armament -- A Reassessment  (01/15/02) by Rick Dunn
Japanese Military Ranking System (Found again on 11/4/2000) by David Aiken
Thai-French Air War  (6/19/01) by George Mellinger
End of the JAAF and JNAF (01/27/02) by Peter Starkings
Anti-Aircraft Doctrine  (01/27/02) by W. David Dickson
Japanese Ordinance and Armament
Color and Markings of the Japanese Explosive Ordinance at Pearl Harbor (PDF Format)(03/04/01) by Bill Sanborn
IJAAF Bombs (02/25/2001) by Bryan Wilburn
IJNAF Torpedos (02/25/2001) by Bryan Wilburn
The 30 mm Ho-155 Browning (11/4/2000) by Ted Bradstreet
Color Research - Modelers Perspective  
Review of the White Ensign Models Paint (01/09/05) by Greg Springer
Rob Graham's Zero Color Charts (Link added 02/25/01)  
Japanese Color Mixes from Van Firth  
Aeromaster Warbird Acrylics Comparison from Mike Hays  
FS Notes for Japanese Aircraft, 1935-1945 by Peter James  
Misc Notes and random thoughts on Color  
Color Mixes from Joern Leckscheid (11/24/99)  
- Article originally appeared in JAS Jottings and has been republished with permission.  

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