by Richard L. Dunn © 2003
This monograph surveys air combat operations and related activities conducted in the vicinity of a single Japanese airbase on New Britain Island during World War II. The aim is not only to compile details that tell a story from a narrow perspective but to use that perspective to shed light on the broader context as well. It is hoped that both the expert and newcomer to the subject will find something of interest here.

Tuluvu is located on Cape Gloucester (and it is by that name it was known to the Allies) on the western extremity of New Britain’s north coast (147-25E, 5-27S). It was in the Allied Southwest Pacific Area (SWPA) and Japan’s Southeast Area. It is part of the modern country of Papua-New Guinea.

I. Tuluvu Occupied
II. The Battle of the Bismarck Sea
III. The 6th FD at its Height
IV. "Most Successful Attack"
V. High Ranking Visitors
VI. Huon Peninsula Campaign
VII. Before the Storm
VIII. Life at Tuluvu
IX. Landings in Western New Britain
X. The Aircraft of Tuluvu
XI. Missing Aircraft and Other Mysteries
Notes on Sources