Pearl Harbor Zero & Other Photos
All profiles by Don Marsh
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Hirano JPEGs: PO1 HIRANO, Takashi (KIA) A6M2 model 21 s/n 5289 from CV
AKAGI [AI-154], Pearl Harbor, 7 December 1941 (HICKEY/PEDERSON Collection).

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Todd Pederson Collection of Original Hickam AFB 
Photo Laboratory Records of the
Pearl Harbor Attack.
(Posted 01/15/2002)
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Left wing wreckage outside

Right wing wreckage outside Wreckage of A6M2 Zero [AI-154] from AKAGI  in hangar
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View of tail in hangar

Rear view of forward fuselage in hangar Front view of forward fuselage in hangar
154_TP_E.jpg (75193 bytes)

Aft Fuselage w/ floatation device


Nishikaichi/Niihau JPEGs: PO1 NISHIKAICHI, Shigenori (suicide after
capture) A6M2 model 21 s/n (unknown) CV HIRYU [B11-120], Niihau T.H.,
December 1941 (LANSDALE Collection)

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Nose Data Stencil B11-120.jpg (57386 bytes)


Iida JPEGs: Lt IIDA, Fusata (crash dived) A6M2 model 21 s/n 3277 CV
SORYU [B1-151(?)], Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, 7 December 1941

IidaCrashSite.jpg (127115 bytes) IidaMemorialCeremony.jpg (157474 bytes)

IidaZeroFrag1.jpg (221832 bytes) IidaZeroKawamotoColl.jpg (96930 bytes)

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2 photos of Val D3A Kaga Val dive brake assembly; DANN Family Collection (Val as pictured in NARA photo 80-G-32441).

PearlValDiveBrake1.jpg (91807 bytes)PearlValDiveBrake2.jpg (117705 bytes)


1 photo of B5N Hospital Kate fragment ; HIPPLE/LANSDALE Collection.


An artifact from the left side of the vertical stabilizer of Iida's A6M2 showing bottom portion of Soryu's BI code.  Noe the ink lines used to aid the painting of the code.  this relic is owned by National Museum of the Pacific War, P.O. Box 777, Fredrickburg, Texas 78624 and the photo was taken and caption written by Greg Springer.

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