EAA Museum Nakajima Ki-43IIb 
Ryan Toews
The Nakajima Ki-43IIb that is presently part of the collection of the Experimental Aircraft Association Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, was originally captured at Hollandia, New Guinea. Four units equipped with Ki-43s (33rd, 63rd, 77th, and 248th Sentai) were present at Hollandia when American forces landed there in April of 1944. The EAA plane was painted in the livery of the second of these units when it was refurbished by the Wisconsin Air National Guard.
There are several problems in establishing the provenance of this aircraft. It has been painted with the serial number 6430, but according to Jim Long this number was assigned by the Intelligence unit that examined the plane at Wright-Patterson, and is not the original serial number. The  serial number 5894 can be found painted on the back of the seat and if this seat is part of the original equipment of the plane 5894 should be taken as its correct serial number. However, this plane has been described as being one of two Ki-43s that were rebuilt by American ground crews from the remains of several abandoned Hayabusas. The seat therefore could very likely have come from another aircraft.
Furthermore, it has been stated that only Tachikawa manufactured the Ki-43IIb. Tachikawa Ki-43 serial numbers began with s/n 15000 as a base number, seemingly ruling out the validity of both of the above serial numbers. Presently then the exact identification of the EAA Ki-43  remains a mystery.

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Forward Fuselage

Rear Fuselage


Landing Gear

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