Then and Now

This area of the website is dedicated to photos of airstrips as they were when they served and what they look like today.  If you have photos you'd like to contribute, please find out where to send them by clicking here.

Saipan - Various Places by Mike Hirsch (5/4/2009)
Tinian Aerial View by Mike Hirsch (5/4/2009)
Air Transport Command airfield at Lijiang (Likiang) by Robert Anderson (3/10/2002)
Mabalacat East Airfield by Tony Ferdeo (11/05/01)
Nichols Field  by Tony Ferdeo (11/05/01)
Nielsons Airfield by Tony Ferdeo (11/05/01)
Kindley Field  by Tony Ferdeo (11/05/01)
Marshall Islands   by Mark Ayers (08/28/01)
Henderson Field (3 photos) by Peter Flahavin

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