Photos from the Marshalls
by Mark Ayers
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bombedbunker.JPG (122392 bytes)

This is a picture of a roundhouse sitting just on the beach facing ocean side. Looks ok from the side but it has caved in due to what I believe is American Fighter bombers. (more of this later)

communications.JPG (89105 bytes)

This is a picture of the communication bunkers at sunset there were 2, one sitting next to this. 1 ran north and south the other east and west. Still has the American Insulators on top we sold them before the war.

houseremains.JPG (138168 bytes)

These are the remains of the Japanese support complex (Torpedo workshop, Oxygen generating plant, Fuel storage plant, and main power building) with a modern tracking radar in the background.

commandershouse.JPG (113939 bytes)

Japanese Commanders house

japaneseguns3.JPG (101532 bytes)

Twin 5 inch gun emplacement. (Japanese made not British)

largebuilding.JPG (107144 bytes)

Large blockhouse still standing in the Jungle


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