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Being the old black and white photos that people brought back from the war really didn't fit in the gallery section, nor did they fit in the walk-around section I figured it was time to break them out on their own. If you have any items that you'd like to contribute here you can e-mail me and we'll work something out to get them posted.

*NOTICE* All photos contained on these pages are the exclusive property of the listed photographer/contributor. No reproduction is permitted without express written permission of the photographer/contributor.

Contributor (and e-mail) Description (and Link to photos) Last Updated
From the collection of Albert Pluth Betty (G4M), Oscars (Ki-43) and Nicks (Ki-45) (6 photos) 8/22/99
Jim Kaltenhauser Collection Various Photos (a variety of 13 photos, b&w and color) 8/22/99
From Cecil W. Davis III Ki-61 Photo (1 photo) 8/22/99
From John Lane Collection via Kelly Lane Captured Zeros (3) & Oscar Tail 12/5/99
From the Collection of Sal Calvagna Various 03/21/00
From the Collection of George Mellinger Russian Claude, KKY-2, Ki-10, LaGG-3 08/30/00
From the collection of Sean Mannion Various (variety of 4 photos) 06/17/00
From the Collection of Scott Scarborough Various (variety of 6 photos) 08/01/00
From the Collection of 
Jim Kaltenhauser
Ki-46 & Ki-51
15 Mar 01
From the Collection of Jim Lansdale Tachikawa Ki-92 08/30/00
From the Collection of  Philippe Brems Yokosuka E14Y Type 0 "Glen" small recon seaplane 12 Dec 00
From the Collection of  Claus Krüger Good gun camera footage of G4M Betty's, Ohka's and Kamikaze Fragments. 18 Dec 00
From the Collection of Vidya Tapasanan Jake's, Dave's, Sally's and others in Royal Thai Service
19 Mar 01
From the collection of Ashley Messenger   Various 11 Mar 2002
From Mark Aldrich Various Clark Field Photos 08/04/2003
From Michael Thaler Ki-48 Photo 03/28/2004
From Bobby McElroy Various Surrender and other photos 05/31/2004

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