Photos from the Collection of John H. ("Shady") Lane
via his son Kelly

(Webmasters note:  John Lane was a 6 kill Ace serving in the Pacific.  A few years back I ran into his son Kelly while I was running a  forum on Compuserve.  Kelly was nice enough to send me a copy of some of his Dad's mission logs.  I'm most honored to have these photos posted here via Kelly!  The comments below are from Kelly.)

The other  three pictures were taken in Dallas in September, 1944, when my Dad was stationed there with the 5th Ferrying Group. The back of the pictures are stamped 555th AAF Base Unit, 5th Ferrying Group, Ferrying Division, ATC, Dallas, Texas. If I remember correctly this aircraft landed in Dallas and my Dad spoke with the pilot, Captain Cox, at length about the performance of the Zero.




The picture with the tail and jeep is marked on the back "tail of Jap Zero", but it looks like an Oscar to me.  This picture had to be taken in New Guinea between November, 1942, and March, 1944