Research Articles This is the main research section of the site. There is stuff here for the hardcore Japanese Aircraft fan as well as the modeler wanting to know more about specific color mixes.
Intel Reports Here you will find some US and other Intell Reports. All are unedited.
J-Aircraft Primers Japanese Aircraft Primers. These are some basic articles about Japanese Aircraft. Some are a bit dated, but most will have something interesting to add to your knowledge about J-aircraft.
Japanese Aces This link will take you to Al Magnus' Aces page. As Al has a particular passion (and enough free time to maintain it) we figured there was no reason to duplicate his effort.
Stories of Japanese Air Crews Firsthand perspective of what Japanese Aircrews went through during the war. Translated by Hiroyuki Takeuchi
Quotes of Japanese Airmen Quotes from Japanese Airmen about their life, their aircraft and their missions.
Translations Various Translations from Famous Aircraft of the World to Koku Fans. Mostly photo captions.
The Library This is an awesome collection and listing of available J-books by Charles "The Listmeister" Metz. Well worth the time to browse through and see what's out there.

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