Japanese Aircraft Primers

The following articles are related to the most often asked questions I get about Japanese Aircraft. These may be used freely in newsletters and/or other publications with proper credit to the both the author and this website and a copy of the publication is sent to the author. All the articles are fairly short and hopefully to the point. If you'd like to contribute an article or if you have a question, you can send us info here.

The Basics

Part I - Identifying the Zero (Isn't a Zero a Zero?) (1/16/99) by Dave Pluth

Part II - Allied Aircraft naming conventions (How did the Ki-84 get the name Frank and others?) (1/16/99) by Dave Pluth

Part III - Japanese Navy Short Designation system. (So what exactly does A6M2 mean?) (1/16/99) by Dave Pluth

Part IV - Japanese Army Naming System (4/1/98) by Dave Pluth

Part V - Japanese Army Organization (4/1/98) by Dave Pluth

Part VI - Japanese Navy Organization (4/1/98) by Dave Pluth


Color Basics

Part I - Cockpit Colors by Dave Pluth

Part II - Colors, colors and more colors - Navy

Part III - Colors, colors and more colors - Army