J-aircraft Art Gallery

This section is dedicated to all the artists out their and their artwork of Japanese World War II related subjects.  If you have something to contribute, please drop me a note from the contact us page and we'll work out the proper format.  
*NOTICE* All images contained on these pages are the exclusive property of the listed artist/contributor. No reproduction is permitted without express written permission of the artist/contributor.
Art by Peter Allen
Peter Allen '46 Collection
Art by Geoff Liebrandt
"Morning of Destiny" - a Zero fighter from carrier Shokaku
(piloted by PO1c Ikuo Hanazawa) on its flight toward Pearl Harbo
"Target: Battleship Row!" - Kate squadron leader from carrier
Hiryu on its torpedo run against the West Virginia
Art by Alexandre Jay
Ki-61 Painting (01/30/2006)
Crashed Zero Pencil Drawing (11/30/2008)
Art by Gino Marcomini (oxygino (at) oxygino.com)
A full page of great artwork!!! (11/21/2005)
Art by Ron Cole (rkcole613 (at) earthlink.net )
A3N1 (8/4/2005)
Ki-36 Ida (8/4/2005)
Zero (8/4/2005)

Art by N.J. Caldera
3D Shinden (3/2/2003)

Art by Drew Harrison
Tony & P-40

Art by James Holloway

Tony Painting (3/30/00)
Kate Painting (3/30/00)
Oscar Painting (6/3/00)
Zero Painting (6/17/00)
Oscar Painting #2 (6/17/00)
Captured P-40 (6/17/00)
Ki-61 #1 (6/17/00)
Ki-61 #2 (6/17/00)
Ki-61 #3 (6/17/00)
Air Combat (6/17/00)
Ki-100 (6/17/00)

Art work by Gonzalo Pérez
Death from Above (4/28/01)
Ki-100 painting (3/30/00)
Shinden painting (3/30/00)
Val Painting (3/30/00)
Death of a Warrior Painting (3/30/00) 
Claude Painting (3/30/00) 

Art work by Richard Lewis Mendes 
Yokosuka R2Y2-G Jet Tactical Bombers
Kyushu J7W1 Shinden Over Northern Vietnam
Kyushu J7W2 Jet Shinden

Mansyu/Manpi Ki-98 Fighter Over Luzon, Philippines

Art work by Win Jackson
Ki-49 "Helen" (1/16/2003)
Ki-21 "Sally" (1/16/2003)

Art work by Russ Mullins Art Gallery
B-17G 'Flying Fortress'
B5N 'Kate' torpedo bomber
A6M2 'Zero' fighter
A6M2 'Zero' fighter II
Airshow Flightline

Art Work by Graham Ward

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