Kyushu J7W2 Jet Shinden
With Long Range Fuel Tanks
by Richard Lewis Mendes 

Green Ninja Floating - Kyushu J7W2 With Long Range Fuel Tanks
Evades Soviet Flack Over Western Manchuria, July 6, 1946

The proposed jet variant of the canard (tail first) Kyushu J7W1 Shinden (Magnificent
Lighting), the J7W2 was to have been powered by a 1,984 (900 kilogram) thrust pound
Mitsubishi Ne-130 axial-flow turbojet. If it were to have been installed, this engine would
not have provided much improved performance over the 2,130 horsepower Mitsubishi
[Ha-43] 12 (MK9D) eighteen-cylinder air-cooled radial engine powering the J7W1.

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