by Ron Cole

This is the so-called "Weeks" aircraft that I photographed in 1991. To put the controversy to rest about its origins: This is the aircraft photographed in Charles Darby's "Pacific Aircraft Wrecks . . ." in 1979, therin described as "Ki 61 Tony, 640." Other photos among this collection show remnants of a thickly applied dark brown paint to the interior framework in the cockpit area only, and bright white paint (over which is randomly stamped "379") in the engine bay. This airframe is dearly complete with the wings resting next to the fusulage. My understanding is that when Andrew hit this airframe was damaged, but not destroyed as were many of the other aircraft displayed in the same building. (Editors note: These images were left fairly large when expanded in order to allow maximum detail. It may take a while to download the full images, but it will be worth it. ) Click on Images to Expand them.