D4Y1 Walkaround
by Rod Larson
Visited the Yasakuni Shrine in Ichigaya, a suburb of Tokyo. There are 2 aircraft on exhibit,
a D4Y Suisei Comet Judy and a MXY7 Ohka Cherry Blossom Gliding Bomb. Again, I used 800 ASA film pushed to ASA 1600 and a 28-70 zoom lens. The room has some very bright lights that you have to avoid. Also, there are some very good aircraft models in another room.

D4Y-AboveFront-1.jpg (32201 bytes) D4Y-AboveRear-2.jpg (34782 bytes) D4Y-AboveRear-3.jpg (34982 bytes)

D4Y-AboveRear-4.jpg (31236 bytes) D4Y-AboveRear-5.jpg (39054 bytes) D4Y-AboveRear-6.jpg (35251 bytes)

D4Y-Engine-1.jpg (28365 bytes) D4Y-Front-1.jpg (38303 bytes) D4Y-Front-2.jpg (21201 bytes)

D4Y-Front-3.jpg (34897 bytes) D4Y-Front-4.jpg (33938 bytes) D4Y-Front-5.jpg (34149 bytes)

D4Y-Front-6.jpg (35139 bytes) D4Y-Left-1.jpg (36963 bytes) D4Y-Left-2.jpg (33090 bytes)

D4Y-Left-3.jpg (21970 bytes) D4Y-LeftGear-1.jpg (38535 bytes) D4Y-Left-4.jpg (31584 bytes) D4Y-Left-5.jpg (23170 bytes)

 D4Y-Rear-3.jpg (39400 bytes) D4Y-RightGear-1.jpg (31723 bytes)

D4Y-Rear-5.jpg (33600 bytes) D4Y-Rear-6.jpg (30083 bytes)

 D4Y-RightWing-1.jpg (42841 bytes) D4Y-Rear-4.jpg (38270 bytes) D4Y-Rear-7.jpg (27903 bytes)

D4Y-Tail-1.jpg (33271 bytes) D4Y-Tail-3.jpg (23248 bytes) D4Y-Tail-2.jpg (26483 bytes)

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