Fredericksburg Rex
Photos by Rob Graham

Note the Rex is the same one that WAS at Willow Grove NAS for years and has been restored a little for static display.

Whole airplane view. I had to stand on a 2x4 wooden handrail while sweating like a pig in what MUST have been 120F temps in Texas summer heat.

Right side, underneath. The vent was interesting, I thought.

Right front cowl. The tucked in carb scoop was pretty cool.

Left cowl and exhaust

Left front cowl

Left outrigger float

Front of the main float

Detail of the front of the main float. Note the holes.

Underwing view of an outrigger float assembly. Note the float struts seem to be not very streamlined and have no fairing. I have seen older photos of Rexes that show fairings in these places, so it might be inauthentic to model it as such.

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