Yogyakarta Ki-51 "Sonia"
Photos by Erid Hefriadi

Here are the pictures of aircraft that I got from a museum Yogyakarta. Indonesian called 'guntai' for Sonia/ki-51.They reported one of Sonia G-32(G=Guntai)flight over Java from 1946-1949.In July 29,1947 Sonia G-32 with Red and white rounded(early Indonesia national marking)took off from Maguwo AFB.Yogyakarta city(now-Adisoecipto AFB)with two K5y-Willow bombed Ducth Army position over Semarang city.Piloted by Indonesian air cadet Mulyono and Abdulrahman (gunner) Sonia dropped 400 KG bomb in the early morning operation.The most Japanese aircraft in Indonesian service lost after Duct invation agains Jogyakarta in 1949. The Yogyakarta museum found Sonia from Irian Jaya island/west papua new guinea.They recovered in 1987.The wreck minus landing gear and vertical fin.

OK,guys! enjoy it.


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