N1K1 Floatplane Walkaround
by Greg Springer
(Click for larger images)

gregrex21.jpg (72726 bytes)

Rex is assembled - August 1979.  Camouflage is bogus repaint done by USN in the 40's or 50's.  (Note the dark gray fuselage access hatch at rear of main fload pylon.

gregrex2.jpg (55565 bytes)

Seat and Right Side

gregrex3.jpg (79057 bytes)

Right Side of the cockpit

gregrex4.jpg (59061 bytes)

Left Side of cockpit

gregrex5.jpg (70190 bytes)

Instrument Panel

gregrex6.jpg (56907 bytes)

The bomb crutch arrangement under the right wing.

gregrex7.jpg (72462 bytes)

Lower Firewall

gregrex8.jpg (81786 bytes)

Upper firewall showing the engine oil tank and the narrow hydraulic fluid reservoir beside it.  Interior gray-green ammo boxes are visible.  Forward fuselage gas tank at bottom.

gregrex9.jpg (64022 bytes)

Wing root with the stencil for the fuel line access port

gregrex11.jpg (14506 bytes)

The same stencil showing color shift as of 1999.  Translation: "Fuel Line access port"

gregrex10.jpg (45467 bytes)

Manufacturer's data stencil under left horizontal stabilizer. 
"Kawanishi type 15 Experimental floatplane fighter"


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