Planes of Fame G4M "Betty" Photos
by Dave Pluth
Hello and welcome to the photo page for the G4M Betty from Planes of Fame. I got to spend some time in Chino on June 6th of this year. The Betty was found in the jungle and while awaiting restoration, it was decided that the plane should be placed on display approximately the way it was found. From my understanding, the Betty will be restored, but there is no current schedule for it. The aircraft is quite an impressive sight, even in it's current state and well worth a look. If you get a chance, stop by Planes of Fame and take a look for yourself, it is worth the trip! Oh, and I'd also like to thank my tourguide on my trip to Planes of Fame, John Bruning. While John doesn't work at POF, he has seen the evolution as an observer and provided great insight into the aircraft. Thanks for a great day! On to the photos...

Interior Photos

Cockpit Photos

Fuselage Photos

Tail Photos

Wing Photos

Engines Photos

Interior Green Color Samples

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