Famous Aircraft of the World Photo Translations
by John Quinn,  D.Y. Louie and Jim Perry 
Original Japanese Text, copyright Burindo
FAOW #16 Type 2 Fighter Ki-44 Shoki
FAOW #17 Ki-61 Hien
FAOW #19 Ki-84 Hayate
FAOW #21 Army Type 2 Two-seat fighter "Toryu"
FAOW #27 Type 96 Carrier Fighter "Claude"
FAOW #29 Army Type 97 Fighter Ki-27 "Nate"
FAOW #32 Type 97 Torpedo Bomber "Kate"

From the translators/editors: Please be of note that these files haven't been updated for several years and that the editorial/commentary parts may be outdated versus current info. They are 'as is' and any major goofs are my responsibility. Of course any updates will be gratefully accepted. Maybe with input from the forum we can make these really something special. It should also be noted that contributors to these, if not noted in the titles, are John Quinn and D.Y. Louie, along with several paid translators whose names are unknown to me. Also note that I've just attached docs that looked to be what we've talked about, and that content has not been reviewed (unless you want to wait another 2-3 years).  Please send e-mail to Jim Perry  with any comments or questions you may have.