Oil Cooler Intake

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5.1 A6M2 Oil Cooler Intake
  • interior - remnants of aotake
  • note rotating vertical oil cooler vent flap (A), it rotates counter clockwise, a rubber gasket is on the right front side and left rear side, left offset drain acts as stop
  • exterior FS6350
5.2 A6M3 Oil Cooler Intake.
  • sub-assembly data plate s/n 3171, manufactured September 42. The maker was Daihan Aluminum Factory K. K. This intake probably came from Mitsubishi A6M3 No. 3285. It could be assumed that Daihan's 171st cooler housing could have been on Mitsubishi's 285th A6M3 because some of the A6M3s would have had Mitsubishi-built cooler intakes.
  • interior - aotake.
  • the rotating vent on seen on the A6M2 is here replaced by three horizontal rotating vent flaps. The intake lacks a horizontal splitter flap in vent and there is no evidence of any attachment points for such a flap.
  • the interior is still heavily coated with oil residue, caused by a bullet hole through the rear of the intake which would have also penetrated the oil cooler. Similar residue is found on the wheel well interior side of part 8.7 and both sides of the inner wheel well covers seen in 4.4.
  • exterior FS6350.

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