Wheel Well Interior and Covers

4.1 Wheel Well and Cockpit Floor.
  • interior of wheel wells - aotake, some overspray of the exterior paint onto the rear wall of the well (see 4.2) is found at A.
  • steel fittings (B, C) - black
  • cockpit floor - green FS4373 (Nakajima) over aotake
4.2 Wheel Well Detail
  • overspray of the exterior paint FS6350 onto the rear wall of the wheel well

4.3 Wheel Well
  • left wheel well of A6M2 s/n 5459 (see 8.2). The two wires at A are the the pitot tube line. The latter is found only in the left wheel well. The wire at B is the brake line.
  • interior is overall aotake

4.4 Inner Wheel Well Covers.
  • interior - aotake.
  • wood blocks (A) - black.
  • exterior - FS4201.
  • three pair of covers were examined. The second is identical to this pair but the third substitutes a plywood block for the solid wood blocks seen here and is painted FS6350 on both the interior and the exterior.
  • heavy oil residue on the inside and outside surfaces of the pictured covers suggest that they came from A6M3 32 s/n 3285 (see 5.2 and 8.7). The wheel well was only inches back from the oil cooler and oil streaming out of the cooler would have quickly found its way onto the wheel well covers.
4.5 Inner Wheel Well Cover Retraction Arms
  • left arm - FS6350 over red primer, steel reinforcement painted black under FS6350. The steel U shaped yoke was originally painted black
  • center yoke - aotake, steel reinforcement painted black
  • right yoke - aotake, steel reinforcement missing
4.6 Landing Gear Cover #1 Interior
  • sub-assembly data plate s/n 639, located on face of cover center mounting. Manufacturer was Kayaba Seisakujo K.K., listed in the United States Strategic Bombing Survey as a supplier of landing gear to Nakajima
  • cover made of single sheet of aluminum reinforced by aluminum angle irons
  • interior - FS6350
4.7 Landing Gear Cover #1 Exterior.
  • exterior - FS6350
  • brush painted blue FS5080 weight warning stripe on the lower 4 3/4" of the cover
4.8 Landing Gear Covers #2
  • sub-assembly data plate s/n 1298, dated 8 September 42, located on cover center mounting
  • covers made of two layers of aluminum riveted to magnesium frame. The outer layer is flat and the inner layer slightly convex. A "Z" shaped aluminum strip forms the center frame. Current research appears to indicate that this pattern of cover was used by Mitsubishi built aircraft until sometime in the production run of the A6M3 when a changeover was made to the simpler style of cover used by Nakajima
  • interior and exterior - FS0277
  • brush painted blue FS5080 weight warning stripe on the lower 4 3/4" of the cover
4.9 Landing Gear Covers #3
  • covers made of single sheet of magnesium
  • interior - FS4201 over red primer
  • exterior - yellow FS3655 over FS4201
  • weight warning stripes - 2" red stripe above white stripe
  • no sub-assembly data plate appears to have been present at any time. This pattern of landing gear cover is of an unknown provenance; both its magnesium construction and the coverage of yellow paint make it unique

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