Cockpit Interior

3.1 Cockpit and Fuselage Center Section
  • originally sandblasted and repainted by Diemert with black and olive drab, then again sandblasted by Blayd, this fuselage center section retains some of the aotake undercoating with very minute traces of green FS4098 (Mitsubishi). The turnover pylon has some small remnants of black paint
  • bright colored aluminum patches in this and on the other photos of this center section were added by Diemert
3.2 Left Front Cockpit Interior
3.3 Left Rear Cockpit Interior
3.4 Right Rear Cockpit Interior
  • instruction plate (A) is detailed in 3.5.
3.5 Instruction Plate
  • this plate gives instructions as to positioning of the flap and landing gear operating handles
3.6 Right Rear Cockpit of the Blayd Zero.
  • the two black handles are referenced on the instruction plate detailed in 3.5.
  • paint color is as for a Nakajima built aircraft
3.7 Left Rear Cockpit of the Blayd Zero

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