Canopy Frame and Cockpit Deck

2.1 Front Canopy Frame
  • interior - the aluminum part (A) of the frame is black FS6081, the magnesium sections (B) are green FS4052.
  • all other canopy frames which were examined, including front, rear, and sliding center sections, are likewise painted black on the interior.
2.2 Front Cockpit and Deck.
  • upper deck - traces of black paint
  • interior of cockpit - green FS4373 (Nakajima) over aotake
  • exterior of aircraft - FS6350 over red primer.
  • note raised instead of flush rivets
  • 2.2 and 2.3 are from the same aircraft
2.3 Rear Cockpit Deck
  • deck - traces of black FS6081 over red primer
  • interior of the canopy rails - aotake
  • note raised instead of flush rivets and cutout for RDF antenna

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