Primers and D3A Cockpit Color

Photos Coming Soon! 10.1 Left Machine Gun Access Cover
  • Nakajima A6M2 s/n 7830, manufactured March 43
  • exterior - FS0277 over red primer FS0152
  • color of primer is consistent between both Nakajima and Mitsubishi manufactured parts
Photos Coming Soon! 10.2 Left Rear Upper Tailplane Fairing
  • the blue colored aotake present here, until relatively recently protected from exposure, could support the argument that aotake was blue when first applied and then rapidly changed color to green when exposed to air. Air, not light, is assumed to be the active agent in the change of color as numerous interior components, all protected from light, were found to be green in color. The change is assumed to have to have taken place fairly early and then slowed, as the blue color has not changed since the part was disassembled several years back
Photos Coming Soon! 10.3 D3A Cockpit Fittings
  • this quadrant, 5 5/8" across and slightly darker than FS4062, was included with the parts obtained by Blayd. The style of the metal forming is noticeably different than that of the Zero components. A linkage rod with identical paint can be identified from the drawings in Maru Mechanic 34 on the D3A so it has been presumed that these parts were from the D3A2 (s/n 3178) recovered from Ballale Island by Diemert

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