Additional Photos for Zero War Prize

Gerhard Neumann had to do extensive repairs on Zero 3372 before it was ready to fly. Today, apiece of tail fabric with the serial number 3372 shown in this photograph and a metal data plate are all the only known remains of this aircraft. (Wright Field/USAFM)

Gerhard Neumann (right) and Sgt. Mackie adjust the propeller on Zero 3372. Note the special louvered fuselage panel on the right wing. The modified panels replaced the original ones lost during transport to Liuchow. (Gerhard Neumann)


Finished and ready for flight. (Lansdale Collection)


Zero 3372, alias P-5016. (Lansdale Collection)


According to John Alison, the failure of the landing gear to stay down and locked was due to a small pebble which became lodged in the right gear strut during take off. Neumann is seen inspecting the damage under the right wing. (Gerhard Neumann)


P-5016 at Kunming. “Japanese Zero captured by Gen. Chennault and his Flying Tigers.” (USAF Photo 23479 AC via Don Thorpe)


“Captured Japanese ‘Zero’ parked near the runway at an airfield somewhere in China, February 1943.”
(USAF Photo 73988 AC via Don Thorpe)

Close-up of P-5016. The light colored area on the rudder bore a stencil which read: “Mitsubishi 3372 Go.” (Lansdale Collection).

"Honey wagons" proceed past 75th Fighter Squadron C.O. Grant Mahony’s Curtiss P-40K Warhawk at Kunming. This type of cart may have been used to haul parts of Zero 3372 north to Liuchow over a period of months after its capture by the Chinese. (Lansdale Collection)

“Captured Japanese ‘Zero’ in flight over an airfield in China, February 1943.” (USAF Photo 73987 AC via Don Thorpe)


“Comparison of a captured Japanese ‘Zero’ (right) and a Republic P-43 flying over an airfield somewhere in China, 2 February 1943.” The pilot for these comparison test flights was usually Bruce Holloway. (USAF Photo 73989 AC via Don Thorpe)


Grant Mahony (right), 76th Fighter Squadron C.O., shortly before a test flight in Zero 3372. Lt. Col. Ivan W. “Mac” McElroy on left. (Don G. Mahony)

Grant Mahony checks out Zero 3372. (Don G. Mahony)


Ajax Baulmer gets ready for a test flight. (Leon Klesman via Carl Molesworth)


Ajax Baulmer taxis out in Zero 3372 alias P-5016. (Leon Klesman/Erma Baulmer)


Zero 3372 was completely rebuilt by the Curtiss Aircraft company and test flow at Wright Field, Ohio with the Evaluation Branch tail number EB-2. (Official USAF Photo 25556 AC via Don Thorpe)


Zero 3372 alias EB-2 after being rebuilt for the final time. (Official USAF Photo A47658-L via Bob Mikesh)

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