Rodger Kelly's Photos 17-20

Photo 17 is of the Ki 21 at Lanukai with yours truely posing for a "been there done that" photo in the cockpit.


Photo 18 is at Lanukai and shows some of the piles and piles of rubbish that was laying around. Note the in-line V12 engine (Ki 61 or D4y?) and the undercarriage leg (Ki 61 or Ki 43?).


Photo 19 was taken at Talasea on New Britain (Zero 21/22?).


Photo 20 was given to me by my mum who in turn got it from one of her relatives who was "up in the islands" during the war . the cannon magazine opening in the forward fuselage and the head rest make it look like a Ki 84 to me but the antenna mast at the rear of the canopy?

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