Photos & Text by Peter Gunti

Claude is one of 6 Fighters resting in the forward cargo hold of "Fujikawa Maru". This vessel was used as a depot-ship for the Naval Air Force. It sank upright in Truk lagoon to a depth of 100 feet, its masts still sticking out of the water.

Judy is one of the aircraft on the bottom of Truk's Dublon-Anchorage. It came to rest in a depht of only about 6 yards.

Jake 1 and 2 show what is left of a Jake that was hidden in Palau's labyrinth of little bays and islands. The starbord wing and fueltank can be discerned in background of the float.

Cockpit is another shot from within "Fujikawa Maru". This Zero front office makes interesting comparison to the predecesor.

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