Allied Relics of the South Pacific
by Peter Flahavin

Corsair fighter - Vilu 1998.jpg (80668 bytes) P38 Lightning fighter remains.jpg (96072 bytes) P400 prop at Henderson Field 1999.jpg (102420 bytes) Wildcat fighter 3.jpg (98640 bytes) Wildcat fighter 1.jpg (93584 bytes)

Wildcat fighter 4.jpg (96796 bytes)SBD Dauntless 1998.jpg (58480 bytes) SBD Dauntless dive bomber.jpg (59116 bytes)Wildcat fighter 2.jpg (56280 bytes)

SBD dive bomber 1.jpg (92388 bytes) SBD dive bomber 2.jpg (100916 bytes) US aircraft remains 1998.jpg (93456 bytes) B24 wreckage & Betty bomber door hatch.jpg (53420 bytes)

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