More photos from Pagan Island
by Dudley Foster

"Fantasyzero" was taken at Kermit Weeks' "Fantasy of Flight" in Polk City, FL on April 18, 1996 (while I was attending Sun'nFun in Lakeland). I expect Weeks plans to restore it for his exhibit at some time.

"Paganbomber" was on the other side of the runway. I don't know what model it is but would like to know if someone could identify it. Definitely Japanese from the Japanese characters on some of the interior castings. An interesting feature is that the inner wing ribs have a small crawl hole through the middle, apparently for a crewman to crawl out and check/add oil to the engines.

"Paganengines" is a picture of an engine "bone yard" nearby. It included both air cooled radials and some water cooled aircraft engine hulks.

"Paganzero" shows me in the cockpit. It seems there was more debris on the ground aft of the cockpit that doesn't seem to be there when Dan took his picture.

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