Second Mavis Wreck Off Ebeye
by Dan Farnham
(click photos to enlarge)

These pictures are of a second H6K ‘Mavis’ wreck that lies just off Ebeye Island, Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands. I first dove this wreck on the afternoon of November 13, 2007.

This ‘Mavis’ lies just off the Ebeye pier in about 50 feet of water. There is more to this wreck than the other ‘Mavis’ that I’ve dived on- for example, this wreck has all four engines present. This wreck is in more of a pile than the other ‘Mavis’ further north. A small piece of the plane lies about 50 feet away from the main pile of wreckage. A large section, which appears to be part of the center fuselage, lies about 100 feet away.

After posting a couple of these pictures on the Japanese Navy Aircraft discussion section of, Alex Jeffrey and Jacob Terlouw provided information that led to this ‘Mavis’ variant being identified as a H6K4-L. Based on that information, I believe this particular ‘Mavis’ was sunk on December 4, 1943, during an airstrike by U.S. planes.

The other diver seen in a couple of these pictures is Hal Parker, a friend of mine and fellow wreck diver out here at Kwajalein. I took these photographs using a digital SeaLife Reefmaster DC600.

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