Roll Models Way cool stuff at really good prices. Also they have been one of our sponsors for over five years. Please support them!
Combined Fleet Combined Fleet is the Navy J-aircraft. Lots of extremely cool stuff on the Japanese Navy and their ships. J-Ships is a recent addition to the j-family. J-Ships was started up by Jason "Tenacious Tanaka" Abraham in 2002. Jason has done a terrific job of covering J-Ship modeling for the regulars here.
Scale Model Index THE site of modeling links. Rather than list a whole bunch of links here, I would suggest that you start at this site in your search.
Modeling Madness A couple years back we stopped accepting new modeling material and passed all our stuff on the Scott at MM. MM is probably the premier site for those looking to read kits reviews. I highly recommend this site!
The Warbird's Forum Dan Ford's site. Lots of very cool and interesting things.
Hyperscale One of the most frequently updated and frequented sites on the internet for modelers. Always worth a look to see what's new.
Army Radio Sales This may not sound like a really interesting site, but it is fantastic. If you want to find what a particular piece of j-equipment looks like or identify something, this is the place to go.
Pacific Wrecks This is one of those sites I get really geeky about. If you love looking at wrecks in their natural state and reading stories of aircrews, you will be as geeked about this site as I am.
Aiken's Airplanes Online Store Aiken's Airplanes Online Store is simply outstanding and these folks will meet all your aviation collectibles needs and  ... they provide free shipping!  Check them out!

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