Foreign Aircraft in Japanese Service

My thanks to Harvey Low for this terrific list. Harvey's address is on the bottom of the list if you have any questions.

Type Country Service Arm Notes
Nieuport 29C-1 (Modified) France Army In Service
Dewotine D510J France Army Evaluated
Junkers F13 Germany Army In Service
Messerchmitt BF108 Germany Army ?
Messerschmitt Bf109E-3 and Bf109E-7 Germany Army Evaluated
Focke-Wulf FW190A5 Germany Army Evaluated
Messerschmitt ME210 (Upgraded to 410 Standards) Germany Army Evaluated
Bucker 131 (Re-Engined) Germany Army/Navy In Service
Junkers JU160 Germany Army/Navy In Service
Dornier WAL Flying Boat (Modified) Germany Army/Navy In Service
Heinkel HE112B-0 Germany Army/Navy Evaluated
Junkers JU-87A Stuka Germany Army/Navy Evaluated
Junkers F6 Germany Navy In Service
Heinkel HE118 Germany Navy Evaluated
Junkers JU-86 Germany Navy Evaluated
Heinkel HE70 Germany Navy Evaluated
Arado AR196 Germany Navy Flown(?)
Bristol Bulldog Great Britain Army In Service
Bristol Blenheim IV (Indonesian A.F. - Re-Engined) Great Britain Army Captured
Brewster Buffalo 339 Great Britain Army Captured
Hawker Hurricane MkIIC Great Britain Army Captured
Nimrod (?) (Modified Carrier Fighter) Great Britain Navy In Service
Brewster Buffalo 339D Netherlands Army Captured
DC-5 Netherlands ? Captured
Martin Bomber 128 (export version of US Army B10-B) Netherlands ? Captured
Fiat Br20 Italy Army In Service
Polikarpov I-16 Soviet Union ? ?
Lavochkin Gorbunov Gudkov LaGG-3 (8th Series) Soviet Union Army Captured
Douglas DC-2 United States Army In Service
Fairchild 22 C-7A United States Army In Service
Salmson 2A2 United States Army In Service
North American P51-C United States Army Captured
Boeing B17E and B17C(?) United States Army Captured
Curtiss-Wright CW-21B United States Army Captured
Fokker Super Universal (Modified) United States Army/Navy In Service
Lockheed 10 & 14 United States Army/Navy Evaluated
Curtiss P40E United States Army/Navy Captured
Seversky 2PA-B3 United States Navy In Service
Douglas DF United States Navy Evaluated
Fairchild A942-B United States Navy Evaluated
Douglas DC-3 United States Navy Evaluated
North American NA-16 United States Navy Evaluated
Northrop Gamma United States Navy Evaluated
Douglas DB-19 United States Navy Evaluated
Chance Vought V-143 United States Navy Evaluated
Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat United States Navy Captured
Douglas Boston III (A20) United States Navy Captured
Vought F4U Corsair United States Navy ?
Ryan Trainer United States ? Captured
Compiled by Harvey Low
Additional notes on Dutch AC from Magiel Venema, Dick Pattee.


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