J-aircraft.com is dedicated in the loving memory of my Father, Albert Pluth.

My dad spent four years in the Pacific and eventually ended up being staged for the invasion of Japan. He served as a lineman in the Signal Corps (440th Heavy Construction Battalion) and saw the war from a unique perspective. He traveled through the mud and the jungles in New Guinea and the Philippines and way to many islands to make note of here, but he never complained and just did his job. The job of his outfit was to get an island ready for the Air Force to come in and use as bases. This mainly meant for them stringing communication lines and power, jobs that were important, but there wasn't much glory in.

The photos he brought back from the war got me interested in aviation and Japanese aviation specifically. Although he rarely talked about his experiences they did help to shape his life.

He was (he passed away more than 10 years ago) and always will be my hero and someone who inspires me to be just a bit better today than yesterday.

Dave Pluth
Owner - J-aircraft.com

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