Imperial Japanese Navy Aircraft

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Japanese Name


US Code Name

Shi Number

A1N Nakajima 3 Carrier Fighter        
A2N Najkajima 90 Carrier Fighter        
A3N Nakajima 90 Training Fighter        
A4N Nakajima 95 Carrier Fighter        
A5M Mitsubishi 96 Carrier Fighter     Claude  
A6M - N/K Mitsubishi 0 Carrier Fighter     Zero/Zeke  
A7He1 Heinkel   He Air Defense Fighter (He 112B-0)     Jerry  
A7M Mitsubishi   Experimental Carrier Fighter Reppu Violent Wind SAM 17
A8V1 Seversky S Two-seat Fighter     Dick  
AXB1 Boeing B Experimental Carrier Fighter Boeing 100        
AXG1 Canadian Car & Foundry G Exp. Carrier Fighter (Grumman FF-1)        
AXH1 Hawker H Exp. Carrier Fighter (Hawker Nimrod)        
AXHe1 Heinkel He Exp. Interceptor Fighter (He 100D-0)        
AXV1 Vought V Interceptor Fighter (Vought V-143)        
B1M Mitsubishi 13 Carrier Attack Bomber        
B2M Mitsubishi 89 Carrier Attack Bomber        
B3Y Yokosuka 92 Carrier Attack Bomber        
B4N Nakajima   Exp. Carrier Attack Bomber       9
B4Y Yokosuka 96 Carrier Attack Bomber     Jean  
B5M Mitsubishi 97-2 Carrier Attack Bomber     Mabel  
B5N Nakajima 97 Carrier Attack Bomber     Kate  
B6N Nakajima   Carrier Attack Bomber Tenzan Heavenly Mounta Jill  
B7A Aichi   Carrier Attack Bomber Ryusei   Grace  
C1M Mitsubishi 10 Carrier Recon Plane        
C2N Nakajima   Fokker Recon Plane        
C3N Nakajima 97 Carrier Recon Plane        
C4A Aichi   Exp. High-speed Recon Plane        
C5M Mitsubishi 98 Recon Plane     Babs  
C6N Nakajima   Recon Plane Saiun Painted Cloud Myrt  
D1A Aichi 94 Carrier Bomber        
D2A Aichi 96 Carrier Bomber     Susie  
D2N Nakajima   Exp. Carrier Bomber       8
D2Y Yokosuka   Exp. Carrier Bomber       8
D3A Aichi 99 Carrier Bomber     Val  
D3M Mitsubishi   Exp. Carrier Bomber       11
D3N Nakajima   Exp. Carrier Bomber       11
D3Y Yokosuka   Training Bomber Myojo Venus    
D4Y Yokosuka   Carrier Bomber Suisei Comet Judy  
D5Y Yokosuka   Special Attacker Myojo Kai      
DXD1 Douglas D Exp. Attack Plane (Douglas DB-19)        
DXHe1 Heinkel He Exp Attack Plane (He 118V4)        
E10A Aichi 96 Night Recon Seaplane     Hank  
E10K Kawanishi 94 Transport Seaplane        
E11A Aichi 98 Night Recon Seaplane     Laura  
E11K Kawanishi 96 Transport Seaplane        
E12A Aichi   Exp. Two-seat Recon Seaplane       12
E12K Kawanishi   Exp. Two-seat Recon Seaplane       12
E12N Nakajima   Exp Two-seat Reacon Seaplane       12
E13A Aichi 0 Recon Seaplane     Jake  
E13K Kawanishi   Exp. Three Seat Recon Seaplane       12
E14W Watanabe   Exp. Small Recon Seaplane       12
E14Y Yokosuka 0 Small Recon Seaplane     Glen  
E15K Kawanishi 2 High-speed Recon Seaplane Shiun Violent Cloud Norm  
E16A Aichi   Recon Seaplane Zuiun Auspicious Clou Paul  
E1Y Yokosuka 14-1 Recon Seaplane        
E2N Nakajima 15 Recon Seaplane     Bob  
E3A Aichi 90-1 Recon Seaplane        
E4N Nakajima 90-2 Recon Seaplane        
E5K Kawanishi 90-3 Recon Seaplane        
E5Y Yokosuka 14-2 Kai-1 Recon Seaplane        
E6Y Yokosuka 91 Recon Seaplane        
E7K Kawanishi 94 Recon Seaplane     Alf  
E8A Aichi   Experimental Recon Seaplane       8
E8K Kawanishi   Exp. Recon Seaplane       8
E8N Nakajima 95 Recon Seaplane     Dave  
E9W Watanabe 96 Small Recon Seaplane     Slim  
F1A Aichi   Experimental Observation Seaplane       10
F1K Kawanishi   Exp. Oberservation Seaplane       10
F1M Mitsubishi 0 Oberservation Seaplane     Pete  
G10N Nakajima   Exp. Super Heavy Bomber Fugaku Mount Fuji    
G1M Mitsubishi 93 Attack Bomber        
G2H Hiro 95 Attack Bomber        
G3M Mitsubishi 96 Attack Bomber     Nell  
G4M Mitsubishi 1 Attack Bomber     Betty  
G5N Nakajima   Exp. Attack Bomber Shinzan Mountain Recess Liz  
G6M Mitsubishi 1 Wingtip Convoy Fighter     Betty  
G7M Mitsubishi   Exp. Attack Bomber Taizan     16
G8N Nakajima   Exp. Attack Bomber Renzan   Rita 18
G9K Kawanishi   Attack Bomber        
H10H Hiro   Exp. Medium Flying Boat       14
H11K-L Kawanishi   Exp Large-size Transport Flying Boat Soku Blue Sky    
H1H Hiro 15 Flying Boat        
H2H Hiro 89 Flying Boat        
H3H Hiro 90-1 Flying Boat        
H3K Kawanishi 90-2 Flying Boat     Belle  
H4H Hiro 91 Flying Boat        
H5Y Yokosuka 99 Flying Boat     Cherry  
H6K Kawanishi 97 Flying Boat     Mavis  
H7Y Yokosuka   Exp. Special Flying Boat     Tillie 12
H8K Kawanishi 2 Flying Boat     Emily  
H9A Aichi 2 Training Flying Boat        
HXC Consolidcated C Exp Flying Boat (P2Y-1)        
HXD Douglas D Exp. Flying Boat (Douglas DF)        
J1N Nakajima   Exp. Three Seat Fighter     Irving 13
J2M Mitsubishi   Interceptor Fighter Raiden Thunderbolt Jack  
J3K Kawanishi   Exp. Interceptor Fighter       17
J4M Mitsubishi   Exp Interceptor Fighter Senden Flashing Lightn Luke 17
J5N Nakajima   Exp. Interceptor Fighter Tenrai Heavenly Thunde   18
J6K Kawanishi   Exp. Interceptor Fighter Jinpu Squall   18
J7W Kyushu   Exp. Interceptor Fighter Shinden Magnificent Lig   18
J8M Mitsubishi   Exp. Rocket-Powered Fighter Shusui     19
K10W Kyushu 2 Intermediate Trainer     Oak  
K11W Kyushu   Operations Trainer Shigariku White Chrysanth    
K1Y Yokosuka 13 Training Seaplane        
K2Y Yokosuka 3 Primary Trainer        
K3M Mitsubishi 90 Operations Trainer     Pine  
K4Y Yokosuka 90 Training Seaplane        
K5Y Yokosuka 93 Advanced Trainer     Willow  
K6K Kawanishi   Exp. Advanced Trainer Seaplane       11
K6M Mitsubishi   Exp. Advanced Trainer Seaplane       11
K6W Watanabe   Exp. Advanced Trainer Seaplane       11
K7M Mitsubishi   Exp. Crew Trainer       11
K8K Kawanishi 0 Primary Trainer Seaplane        
K8P Nihon   Exp. Primary Trainer Seaplane       12
K8W Wantanabe   Exp. Primary Trainer Seaplane       11
K9W Kyushu 2 Primary Trainer Momiji Maple Cypress  
KXA North American   Intermediate Trainer (NA-16)        
KXBu1 Bucker Bu Exp. Primary Trainer (Bu 131)        
KXC1 Caudron C Exp. Trainer (C-600)        
KXHe1 Heinkel He Exp Trainer (He 72)        
KXJ1 Junkers J Exp. Trainer (Junkers A-50)        
Kikka Nakajima   Exp. Jet Fighter        
L1N Nakajima 97 Transport     Thora  
L2D Douglas D Transport (Douglas DC-3)     Tabby  
L3Y Yokosuka 96 Transport     Tina  
L4M Mitsubishi 0 Transport     Topsy  
L7P Nihon   Exp. Small Amphibious Transport       13
LXC Curtiss Wright C Exp. Amphibious Transport (Courtney)        
LXD Douglas D Exp. Transport (DC-4E)        
LXF Fairchild F Exp. Amphibious Transport (A942)        
LXHe1 Heinkel He Exp Transport (He 70)        
LXK1 Kinner K Exp. Transport        
M6A Aichi   Special Attack Bomber Seiran Mountain Haze    
MXJ Nihon Kogata   Primary Training Glider Wakakusa      
MXY1 Yokosuka   Experimental Test Plane        
MXY10 Yokosuka   Bomber Ginga Ground Decoy        
MXY11 Yokosuka 1 Attack Bomber Ground Decoy        
MXY2 Yokosuka   Experimental Test Plane        
MXY3 Yokosuka   Experimental Target Glider        
MXY4 Yokosuka 1 Target Plane        
MXY5 Yokosuka   Exp Transport Glider        
MXY6 Yokosuka   Exp. Ente-type Glider        
MXY7 Yokosuka   Suicide Attacker Ohka Young Cherry Baka  
MXY8 Yokosuka   Exp. Training Glider Akigusa Autumn Grass    
MXY9 Yokosuka   Exp. Trainer Shuka      
Misc Misc. Kits   Other Kits - Misc.        
N1K Kawanishi   Fighter Seaplane/Interceptor Shinden/Kyofu   Rex/George  
MXY- Ohka Misc   Suicide Bomb Ohka      
P1Y Yokosuka   Bomber Ginga Milky Way Frances  
Q1W Kyushu   Patrol Plane Tokai   Lorna  
Q2M Mitsubishi   Exp Patrol Plane Taiyo Ocean   19
Q3W Kyushu   Patrol Plane Nankai South Sea    
R1Y Yokosuka   Exp. Recon Plane Seiun      
R2Y Yokosuka   Exp. Recon Plane Keiun Beautiful Cloud   18
S1A Aichi   Night Fighter Denko Bolt of Light   18

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