Imperial Japanese Army Air Force Aircraft

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Japanese Name


US Code Name

Shi Number

Ka-1 Kayaba   Model 1 Oberservation Autogyro        
Ka-2 Kayaba   Model 2 Oberservation Autogyro        
Ki-1 Mitsubishi 93 Twin Engined Heavy Bomber        
Ki-2 Mitsubishi 93 Twin-Engined Light Bomber     Louise/Loise  
Ki-3 Kawasaki 93 Sing-Engined Light Bomber (biplane)        
Ki-4 Nakajima 94 Recon Plane (Single Eng biplane)        
Ki-5 Kawasaki   Exp. Fighter        
Ki-6 Nakajima 95-2 Trainer        
Ki-7 Mitsubishi   Experimental Crew Trainer        
Ki-8 Nakajima   Exp. Two Seat Fighter        
Ki-9 Tachikawa 95-1 Intermediate Trainer     Spruce  
Ki-10 Kawasaki 95 Fighter     Perry  
Ki-11 Nakajima   Exp. Fighter        
Ki-12 Nakajima   Exp Fighter (not proceeded with)        
Ki-13 Nakajima   Exp Co-operation Plane (project only)        
Ki-14 Mitsubishi   Experimental Co-operation (Project only)        
Ki-15 Mitsubishi 97 Command Reconnaisance Plane Karigane Wild Goose Babs  
Ki-16 Nakajima   Exp. Transport (Project only)        
Ki-17 Tachikawa 93-3 Primary Trainer     Cedar  
Ki-18 Mitsubishi   Exp. Fighter        
Ki-19 Nakajima   Exp. Heavy Bomber        
Ki-20 Mitsubishi 92 Heavy Bomber        
Ki-21 Mitsubishi 97 Heavy Bomber     Sally/Gwen/Jane  
Ki-22 Kawasaki   Exp. Heavy Bomber        
Ki-23 Fukuda   Training Sailplane        
Ki-24 Tachikawa   Primary Glider        
Ki-25 Tachikawa   Exp. Glider        
Ki-26 Tachikawa   Exp Glider        
Ki-27 Nakajima 97 Fighter        
Ki-28 Kawasaki   Exp. Fighter     Bob  
Ki-29 Tachikawa   Exp. Light Bomber        
Ki-30 Mitsubishi 97 Light Bomber     Ann  
Ki-31 Nakajima   Exp. Light Bomber        
Ki-32 Kawasaki 98 Light Bomber     Mary  
Ki-33 Mitsubishi   Exp. Fighter     Tina  
Ki-34 Nakajima 97 Transport     Thora  
Ki-35 Mitsubishi   Exp. Direct Co-operation Plane        
Ki-36 Tachikawa 98 Direct Co-operation Plane     Ida  
Ki-37 Nakajima   Exp. Twin-Engined Fighter        
Ki-38 Kawasaki   Exp. Twin-Engined Fighter        
Ki-39 Mitsubishi   Exp. Twin-Engined Fighter        
Ki-40 Mitsubishi   Exp. Command Recon Plane        
Ki-41 Nakajima   Exp. High-speed Transport        
Ki-42 Mitsubishi   Exp. Bomber        
Ki-43 Nakajima 1 Fighter Hayabusa Peregrine Falco Oscar/Jim  
Ki-44 Nakajima   Fighter Shoki Devil-Queller Tojo  
Ki-45 Kawasaki 2 Fighter Toryu Dragon Slayer Nick  
Ki-46 Mitsubishi 100 Recon/Trainer/Interceptor     Dinah  
Ki-47 Mitsubishi   Exp. Light Bomber        
Ki-48 Kawasaki 99 Twin-Engine Light Bomber     Lily  
Ki-49 Nakajima 100 Heavy Bomber Donryu Dragon Swallowe Helen  
Ki-50 Mitsubishi   Exp Heavy Bomber (project only)        
Ki-51 Mitsubishi 99 Assault Plane     Sonia  
Ki-52 Nakajima   Exp. Dive Bomber        
Ki-53 Nakajima   Exp Twin Engined Fighter        
Ki-54 Tachikawa 1 AdvTrainer/Oper Trainer/Transport     Hickory  
Ki-55 Tachikawa 99 Advanced Trainer Ida      
Ki-56 Kawasaki 1 Freight Transport     Thalia  
Ki-57 Mitsubishi 100 Transport     Topsy  
Ki-58 Nakajima   Experimental Escort Fighter        
Ki-59 Kokusai 1 Transport     Theresa  
Ki-60 Kawasaki   Experimental Fighter        
Ki-61 Kawasaki 3 Fighter Hein Swallow Tony  
Ki-62 Nakajima   Experimental Fighter        
Ki-63 Nakajima   Experimental Fighter        
Ki-64 Kawasaki   High Speed Fighter     Rob  
Ki-66 Kawasaki   Experimental Dive Bomber        
Ki-67 Kawasaki 4 Heavy Bomber Hiryu Flying Dragon S Peggy  
Ki-68 Nakajima   Exp. Long-Range Bomber        
Ki-69 Nakajima   Experimental Long Range Fighter        
Ki-70 Tachikawa   Exp. High-Speed Command Recon Plane     Clara  
Ki-71 Manshu   Exp. Recon/Assault Plane     Edna  
Ki-72 Tachikawa   Exp. Direct Co-Operation Plane        
Ki-73 Mitsubishi   Experimental Fighter     Steve  
Ki-74 Tachikawa   Exp. Long Range Bomber     Patsy/Pat  
Ki-75 Nakajima   Exp. Twin-Engined High Alt Night Fighter        
Ki-76 Kokusai 3 Command Liaison Plane     Stella  
Ki-77 Tachikawa   Exp. Long-Range Research Plane        
Ki-78 Kawasaki   Exp. High-Speed Research Plane        
Ki-79 Manshu 2 Advanced Trainer        
Ki-80 Nakajima   Exp Multi-Seat Fighter        
Ki-81 Kawasaki   Exp. Multi-Seat Fighter        
Ki-82 Mitsubishi   Exp. Long-Range Fighter        
Ki-83 Mitsubishi   Exp. Long-Range Fighter        
Ki-84 Nakajima 4 Fighter Hayate   Gale/Frank  
Ki-85 Kawasaki   Exp. Longer Range Bomber        
Ki-86 Kokusai 4 Primary Trainer     Cypress  
Ki-87 Nakajima   Exp High-Altitude Fighter        
Ki-88 Kawasaki   Exp. Fighter        
Ki-89 Kawasaki   Exp. Research Plane        
Ki-90 Mitsubishi   Army Experimental Bomber        
Ki-91 Kawasaki   Exp Longer-range Bomber        
Ki-92 Tachikawa   Experimental Transport        
Ki-93 Rikugun   Heavy Fighter and Assault Plane        
Ki-94 Tachikawa   Exp. High Altitude Fighter        
Ki-95 Mitsubishi   Exp. Command Recon Plane        
Ki-96 Kawasaki   Exp. Twin-Engined Fighter        
Ki-97 Mitsubishi   Exp. Transport        
Ki-98 Mansyu   Exp. Assault Plane and Heavy Fighter        
Ki-99 Mitsubishi   Exp. Short -Range Fighter        
Ki-100 Kawasaki 5 Fighter        
Ki-101 Nakajima   Exp. Twin-Engined Night Fighter        
Ki-102 Kawasaki 4 High-Altitude/Night Fighter & Assault     Randy  
Ki-103 Mitsubishi   Exp. Fighter        
Ki-105 Kokusai   Exp. Transport Ohtori   Buzzard  
Ki-106 Tachikawa   Exp. Fighter        
Ki-107 Tokyo Koku   Exp. Primary Trainer        
Ki-108 Kawasaki   Exp. High-Altitude Fighter        
Ki-109 Mitsubishi   Exp. Interceptor Fighter     Peggy  
Ki-110 Tachikawa   Exp. Transport        
Ki-111 Tachikawa   Exp. Transport        
Ki-112 Mitsubishi   Exp. Multi-Seat Fighter        
Ki-113 Nakajima   Exp. Fighter        
Ki-114 Tachikawa   Exp. Transport        
Ki-115 Nakajima   Special Attacker Tsurgi   Sabre  
Ki-116 Mansyu   Exp. Fighter        
Ki-117 Nakajima   Exp. Fighter        
Ki-118 Nakajima   Exp. Fighter        
Ki-119 Kawasaki   Exp. Light Bomber        
Ki-120 Unknown   Exp. Transport        
Ki-128 Not Known   Not Known        
Ki-147 Not Known   Not Known        
Ki-148 Kawasaki   Igo-1-B Guided Missile        
Ki-167 Mitsubishi   Not Known        
Ki-174 Kawasaki   Exp. Special Attacker        
Ki-200 Mitsubishi   Exp. Rocket-Powered Interceptor Fighter Shusui      
Ki-201 Nakajima   Exp. Fighter Attacker Karyu      
Ki-202 Rikugun   Exp. Rocket-Powered Interceptor Fighter        
Ki-230 Nakajima   Exp. Special Attacker        
Ku-1 Maeda   Transport Glider        
Ku-2 Kayaba   Exp Taillesss Glider        
Ku-3 Kayaba   Exp. Tailless Glider        
Ku-4 Kayaba   Exp. Tailless Light Aeroplane        
Ku-5 Fukuda   Two Seat Training Glider        
Ku-6 Maeda   Exp. Vehicle Troop Command Glider        
Ku-7 Kokusai   Exp. Transport Glider Manazuru   Buzzard  
Ku-8 Kokusai 4 Special Transport Glider     Gander/Goose  
Ku-9 Fukuda   Exp. Transport Glider        
Ku-10 Maeda   Special Training Glider        
Ku-11 Nihon Kogata   Exp. Transport Glider        
Ku-12 Fukuda   Two-Seat Secondary Training Glider        
Ku-13 Yokoi   Exp Shusui Training Glider        
Ku-14 Nihon Kogata   Training Glider        
Igo-1-A Mitsubishi   Experimental Guided Missile        
Igo-1-B Kawasaki   Guided Missile (Ki-148)        
Te-Go Kobe   Exp. Observation Machine        
SS-1 Tachikawa   Twin-Engined Research Plane        
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