Ships Gallery

The model gallery is open to all participants of If you have any photos you'd like included please send it to Also include the kit that you used and any additional information you'd like included.

1/700 IJN Nagato.  J. Kloek1 

Nichimo 1/500 Battleship Hyuga. Thomas Peters (2/7/00)

1/700 Aoshima IJN Carrier Amagi. Allan Parry, Liverpool GB
1/700 Aoshima IJN Carrier Chuyo. Allan Parry, Liverpool GB

My name is Chris Allred and the model is a M6A1 "Serian"is a modified 1/48th scale Tamiya kit.  The sub is scratchbuilt and on going.  The Serian's modifications was done with the help of Matt Nazzaro with the NASM.  (31/10/00)

Model of the 1/700 Aoshima IJN Katori by Harvey Low. (27 Dec 00)

arizona_aft-chris_allred_01l.jpg (51516 bytes)

Like the real thing, this is a highly modified Revell's USS Arizona in 1/429. This is about 80% complete and was built before GGM's magic. This has been an on-going project and will be displayed with a diorama of her on Dec.7th with the Vestal. This was done before GGM's magic. By Chris Allred (17 Feb 01)

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