From the Collection of Ryan Boerema

First, Hasegawa's 1/72 Ki-44 of 3d chutai, 87th Sentai takes on 13th AF B-24s (Minicraft 1/144) over the oil refineries at Palembang, Sumatra and, same location early 1945, Hasegawa's 1/72 Frank of the 24th Dokuritsu Chutai climbs up under B-24s coming off target, abeam of a diving 13th AF P-38 (also Hase 1/72). Beware the American in the sun. By Ryan Boerema. (04 Apr 01)
ki-44_b-24k-ryan_boerema.jpg (79756 bytes) ki-84_b-24j-ryan_boerema.jpg (67596 bytes)

ki-61_p-47n-ryan_boerema.jpg (31293 bytes) A Tony (Hase, 1/72) of the 19th Sentai taking on a P-47N (1/72 High Planes) out of Ie Shima.  (14 Feb 01)
ki-44_p-47-ryan_boerema.jpg (30858 bytes) A Ki-44 (Hasegawa 1/72) over the Phillipines being pursued by P-47Ds (Hase, 1/72) of the 348th. 
By Ryan Boerema. (14 Feb 01)
a6m3_p-39q-ryan_boerema.jpg (75382 bytes) A couple of Hamps chase a 68th Squadron P-39 over a beach in the Solomons, late summer 1943. (The P-39 is Heller's 1/72 offering and the Hamps are Hasegawa's old mold, also 1/72.) 
By Ryan Boerema (28 Feb 01)
ki-43ii_p-36-ryan_boerema.jpg (206174 bytes) A 50th Sentai Oscar II (Hasegawa 1/72) wounds a 155 Sqdn. Mohawk IV (Monogram's 1/72 P-36 with a resin aftermarket Cyclone engine and cowling) near Imphal, early November, 1943.  
By Ryan Boerema
(28 Feb 01)
a6m2_p-40e-ryan_boerema.jpg (92464 bytes) Here's Hasegawa's 1/72 A6M2 21 ot the 6th Air Corps taking on Hasegawa's 1/72 P-40E of the 49FG, 8th FS, let's say, oh, over Buna.
By Ryan Boerema  (26 Feb 01)
n1k1_f-4u-ryan_boerema.jpg (127377 bytes) Hasegawa's 1/72 Jack and F4U Corsair.  By Ryan Boerema  (26 Feb 01)
a6m3_f4u-ryan_boerema_01.jpg (506364 bytes) Nishizawa's A6M3 22 Zero smokes an F4U over the Solomons, early summer 1943. Unfortunately the censor has removed the "UI" from his rudder. Both Hasegawa 1/72. 
By Ryan Boerema  (01 May 01)
ki-49_p-40n-ryan_boerema_01.jpg (318654 bytes) P-40Ns (Hasegawa, 1/72) of the 7th Sq., 49th FG, intercept Ki-49 Helens (Revell, 1/72, and 
Hasegawa, 1/144) of the 7th Sentai along New Guinea's northern coast. 
By Ryan Boerema  (01 May 01)
ki-61_f6f-ryan_boerema_01.jpg (296209 bytes) Ki-61s of the 55th Sentai tangling with Hellcats over the Phillipines, October, 1944. Hasegawa, 1/72. 
By Ryan Boerema  (01 May 01)

a5m4_f3f-ryan_boerema_01.jpg (217230 bytes) On Feb. 1, 1942, Lieutenant jg Wilmer Rawie of VF-6, in F4F-3A, BuAer #3914, after bombing Taroa in the Marshalls, sneaks up on Lieut. Kurakane Akira of the Chitose Air Group in his A5M4 Type 96 and fires into his fuselage 
and engine. Surprised, Kurakane banked his Claude and bailed out. Rawie went on to accidentally ram Kurakane's wingman, PO3c Atake Tomita. This was the first aerial victory of a USN pilot in the Pacific War. The Wildcat is Hasegawa 1/72, and Claude is Nichimo 1/72.  By Ryan Boerema  (01 May 01)

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