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Posted By: Grant Goodale < Question>
Date: Saturday, 14 October 2000, at 6:28 p.m.

Hello world 
It is my understanding that the L2D Tabby was a licensed built Douglas DC-3. Are there any differences between the two?

Does anyone have any information about operational tail codes?

I would like to build one and I see that Hasegawa produces one in an oddball scale. I would rather not shell out the money to buy the kit just to get tail codes. To me, the kit would definitely end up as "shelf-ware".


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Posted By: Elephtheriou George < L2D Question>
Date: Sunday, 15 October 2000, at 2:02 a.m.

In Response To: L2D Question (Grant Goodale)

Konnichi wa,
to cut it short, the differences are: different engine (various types of Kinsei angine)and cowling, additional flight deck windows and in one version a dorsal turret, quite similar to the Betty's. Does anyone know if the propeller was also different?
All the above are from Francillon's book pages 500-503. In there you will find units allocated. For tail markings and camo., MA 406 (Japanese navy bombers), pages 154-157.
As for kits, I have the Italery in 1/72. A nice and easy kit but without Japanese decall options.

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Posted By: hal tippins < L2D Question>
Date: Sunday, 15 October 2000, at 11:07 a.m.

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I am in the process of converting aMonogram C-47 to an L2D? "TABBY" as we speak. I have looked for a long time and found very little reference to this aircraft. In addition, it appears that almost no two aircraft are the same! Some modifications include: cutting the bulkhead behind the cockpit down to the level of the top of the seats, cowls and air intakes , exhausts, moving the payload door one frame forward and adding a window to it, adding the additional windows behind the cockpit and the right rear one that is for the toilet, the pitot tube setup,the payload door is smaller, the crew entry door often has a circular window in it, different antenna ,propellors and often spinners. In all there were very few significant changes and they appear 99% the same panel line to panel line compared to the C-47. ANY comments on this subject are very welcome!

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Posted By: Steve Nelson < L2D Question>
Date: Wednesday, 18 October 2000, at 11:50 p.m.

In Response To: Re: L2D Question (hal tippins)

I was told that the L2D's were based on the civillian DC-3, rather than the military C-47, hence the differnce in the cargo doors. That also means that in addition to the above differences, the Tabby had DC-3 landing gear, which is a bit different than the C-47.

Hope this helps,

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Posted By: UCHIDA, Katsuhiro < L2D Question>
Date: Monday, 13 November 2000, at 10:57 p.m.

In Response To: Re: L2D Question (Steve Nelson)


This is just for your information. L2D was officially called "0(Rei)-shiki Yuso-ki", but usually called her original name "Douglas" by IJN soldiers during the Pacific War. Although one of my uncles was a pilot of IJA, not of IJN, he told me that Douglas DC-3 was the best aircraft he had ever experienced and he fell in love with her in spite of his unforgettable experiences of Ki-43 "Hayabusa", Ki-61 "Hien", Ki-84 "Hayate", Ki-102, etc..

Best regards,
Uchida, Katsuhiro

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