The Derek Brown Collection

This is the Imai 1/144 scale A6M5 Zero,
and includes a scratch built  interior, engine, landing gear, and flaps
- just for fun.

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Hasegawa 1/200 Scale All Nippon Airways 737-200, built out of the box

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AMS - check out the cockpit on the 1/700 scale Val.

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This is the old L/S version of the 1/72 scale Dinah. This model was in Fine Scale
Modeler some time back. Each engine cylinder is scratch built over 500 parts in each engine,
with a full cockpit added for fun.

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dinah7.jpg (47091 bytes)dinah8.jpg (38974 bytes) dinah9.jpg (48899 bytes)

This kit is the old 1/72 scale Mania kit of the Nakajima B5N2 Kate,
which  holds up very well by today's standards. I added a scratch
built engine and for fun engineered folding wings. SNJ paint was used, with
separate panels masked and sprayed for that "individual panel" look.

silverkate12.jpg (53008 bytes) silverkate13.jpg (60267 bytes) silverkate14.jpg (58725 bytes)

silverkate15.jpg (65806 bytes) silverkate17.jpg (47093 bytes) silverkate20.jpg (43521 bytes)

silverkate18.jpg (59946 bytes)

This is the Fine Molds 1/72 scale Type 90 Japanese biplane,
a very nice kit (if you can find it these days). The engine and interior are scratch built.

Type90-10.jpg (56124 bytes) Type90-12.jpg (55745 bytes)

Type90-13.jpg (28546 bytes)

type90-7.jpg (52734 bytes) type90-8.jpg (43579 bytes) type90-9.jpg (53322 bytes)

This is the early Hasegawa (raised rivets) kit of the A6M2 in 1/72 scale
The engine, interior and flaps were scratch built, and the panel lines scribed.
The markings are of Saburo Sakai's Zero that he flew from Rabaul.

SakaiZRO11.jpg (37207 bytes) SakaiZRO17.jpg (49125 bytes)

Scratchbuilt Bikes

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Civilbike2.jpg (39750 bytes) civilianbike1.jpg (32665 bytes)

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