Captured CW-21

     There is a work in progress which will detail all the captured aircraft tested by the Tachikawa test center. One, ex N.E.I. (Dutch),  CW-21 was found in excellent condition at Singapore in 1945(see below).

    Photo credit: Norman Franklin, Newark Air Museum, Newark England via Kenn C. Rust.

     This is the final photograph available at this time illustrating the aircraft captured by the IJAAF and tested at the Tachikawa test center branch at Singapore.

    Pictured below are a impressed American Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and two versions of Curtiss Wright products ordered by the Dutch and captured in the Netherlands East Indies.

    These "Koku Asahi" photographs, via Ryutaro NAMBU, are a sample of more to come when the series on "War Prizes" continues on Dave PLUTH's J-Dot Com web site.

    Photo credit: This photograph originally appeared in "Koku Asahi," a monthly magazine published by the Asahi Shimbun, Tokyo, Japan. Photographers, where known, are credited on each photograph. Since no negatives or original prints remain in the Asahi Shimbun archives, the original photograph was scanned from a remaining copy of the "Koku Asahi" magazine and digitally enhanced with the kind permission from the Asahi Shimbun.

-Jim Lansdale

    Editor's Note: These wartime photographs of captured Allied aircraft should keep some modelers busy until the upcoming article on  this subject is completed! If you wish to see other photographs of captured or foreign aircraft in Japanese military service, consult Vol.6 of the "Encyclopedia of Japanese Aircraft:1900-1945," Shuppan-Kyodo Publishers, Tokyo:1972.

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