Famous Aircraft of the World #21 Ki-45 Toryu Photo Translations
by John Quinn,  D.Y. Louie and Jim Perry
Original Japanese Text, copyright Burindo

pg.4 Ki-45
Aircraft of Isamu Kashide (7 victories in WWII) of the 4th Sentai, 2nd Chutai.
The camouflage of grey with green splotches was also used by the 13th Sentai (see photographs on pg.37). The green splotches wrapped around the  leading edge partly onto the undersurfaces of the wings.

pg. 7 Ki-45
Aircraft of the 27th Sentai, Phillipines Aug/Sep. 1944. The overall brown camouflage was applied for night fighting duties. I t was also applied to the squadron's Hyabusa (Ki-43), Shippu and Chodo aircraft. When exactly the brown camouflage was applied is uncertain.

pg.8 Ki-45
Aircraft of Totaro Ito (13 victories in WWII) of the 5th Sentai, 1st Chutai, November 1944. Inscription on the tail reads  "nine headed dragon". It appears that the 5th Sentai is the only squadron to use overall dark green camouflage.