Famous Aircraft of the World #16 Ki-84 Hayate Photo Translations
by John Quinn,  D.Y. Louie and Jim Perry
Original Japanese Text, copyright Burindo
p. 2    Middle right, Kyushiro Tanhashi (?).
p. 3    Bottom, "073", Sabusami (?).
p. 4-5  Top, Takata.
p. 5    Middle, Ito, 57th Sentai.
p. 5    Bottom, Imoto.
p.38    Top left, Lt. Setsuo Ichiraku, 3rd Chutai, 47th Sentai,  Feb. 45.
p.38    Top right, Lt. Tatsuharu Kobozoe, same as above. Claimed an F6F on 2/16/45.
p.39    Top right. After a first mission accounted for 6 F6Fs on the morning of 2/16/45,
           Capt. Tei-ichi Hatano, CO of the 3rd Chutai of the 47th confers with his pilots. From
           left: 1st Lt. Itsuro Narimasu, Hatano, Lt. Kobozoe, Lt. Ichiraku, W.O. Chu-ichi
           Nakajima, Lt. Yukio Ishihara, T.Sgt. Haruo Nakanishi, M.Sgt Chiaki Aruga, Sgt.
           Takao Maruyama and Sgt. Shozo Yamazaki.  Nakajima and Nakanishi were KIA
            on the squadron's 2nd mission of the day north of Tokyo. Note Hatano's plane,
            "39" in background.
p.39    Bottom, Sgt. Tsutomu Tamura (left) and Sgt.  Unoki of the 1st TFU (Training Fighter Unit) at Sagami airbase, early 45.
p.67    Bottom, "932", Kyushiro Tanhashi (?).
p.68    Bottom two, "69", Capt. Tei-ichi Hatano, CO 2nd Chutai, 47th
        Sentai. Summer 45.
p.69    Top, "715", Capt. Tadao Ikeda, CO 51st Sentai at Shimodate airbase after air
           combat over Hokota on 2/16/45 in which he claimed an F6F.
p.69    Bottom, Isamu Sasaki.
p.72    "63", Capt. Yasuro Masaki, Hitachi Training Air Detachment (later 112th Sentai?),
            Mito airbase. He made a landing into the Tone River on 2/16/45. (see drawing
p.73    Top, "74", Capt. Shigeru Tsuruta.
p.73    Middle, "62", Shigeru Tsuruta, Hitachi TFU. (see drawing below)  "762", Capt.
           Yasuro Masaki, CO 1st Chutai. This at Nitta airbase taxing out for a training flight
           on 6/25/45.