Kits and Modeling Section Notes

As of July 18th 2001 J-aircraft will no longer maintain the Kits and Modeling sections of the website (except for the collections area).  There are simply bunches of sites out there that do modeling stuff really well, but we're just not one of them.  What we do well is to provide information on Japanese Aircraft to both the researcher and the modeler.  That is what we will focus our times and energies on.

For kit reviews, we suggest that you visit Modeling Madness.  They have a large array of reviews available.  Shortly all of the kit reviews formerly of j-aircraft will be shifted over to that site and all kit reviews here will be removed.

We are currently looking for a home for the model gallery section.  If you have a site that specializes in a gallery section, which can be linked to from here, please contact me at  I would be interesting in shifting that content as well to someone that will maintain it.

Kit lists will not be updated in the future but will be left here as a reference to items that were out and available pre-January 2001.

Thanks for your understanding in this and please feel free to write me with comments.

-Dave Pluth