Quotes - G3M

"I got off the pilot's seat and headed towards the rear of the plane. Once I'm past the dorsal 20mm gun position, the Type 96's fuselage was relatively roomy and I could walk through it upright by putting my head down just a little bit.

Although there was a urinal behind the waist 7.7mm gun blisters, we hardly ever used it. This is not only because the ceiling was very low around the area. The biggest reason was because the wind coming in from the waist blisters sprayed the urine all over your own self.

So we carried a few "pee bags". This was made of waterproof cellophane paper with a cardboard inlet which when unfolded, became a tube about 10cm long. Since most of our flights were overwater, we would then "bomb" the ocean with it from the waist gun position."

Nagaaki Yokoyama - Type 96 Attack Plane pilot
Kaigun Chuko Kesshitai , Nagaaki Yokoyama, ISBN4-7698-2168-9

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