Quotes - B6N

In order to become a truly capable night torpedo unit, our equipment had to be modified for the purpose. Also, we needed to take measures to prevent the enemy from finding us while we had to have some way to find the enemy in the dark.

The first thing we did was to paint our Tenzans matt black. The drag-producing matt finish subtracted about 5 knots from our top speed, but that was something we could live with.

Also, I negotiated with officials so we would be among the first to receive radar equipment. Radar operation was troublesome and the large Yagi anntenae on the wing leading edge also took away additional 5 knots, but the radar was much more valuable to us than the extra 5 knots.

Saneyuki Hida, commander of Kogeki 254 Hikotai, 131 Kokutai
Seishun Tenzan Raigekitai , Saneyuki Hida, ISBN4-7698-2225-1

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